• Where is Motorbike Rental Phu Quoc?
    We are located at 17 Nguyễn Tấn Định, Phường Hàm Tiến, Thành phố Phan Thiết, Mui Ne Binh Thuan Province 800000 ( But you don't have to come to our office, because we can deliver motorbikes to your location with 2 or 3 days renting depending on where in Mui Ne your hotel is located.
  • How long does your rental day last?
    We consider as a rental period - 24 hours
  • For what minimum period can I rent a motorbike?
    Our minimum rental period is 24 hours. In this case, please pick up the bike from our office
  • Can i pay by debit or credit card?
    You can pay by VND, USD or transfer to Vietnamese bank account when we deliver your motorbike.

  • Can you provide special rates for large groups or long-term rentals?
    Sure, we can. When ordering 10 or more motorbikes, we provide a 10 percent discount. You also get a discount when renting for a week and an even bigger discount if you rent a motorbike for a month
  • Can i ride motorbike without helmet in Mui Ne?
    Wearing a helmet is required by law and will protect you in case of an accident. 2 or 3 helmets come with your motorbike
  • What should I do with the motorbike at night?
    Please don't leave the motorbike in an unguarded area and don't forget the keys inside the lock
  • Who is responsible in case of an accident or theft of a motorbike?
    This is entirely the responsibility of the motorbike renter. All equipment, including helmets, must be returned in the same condition as it was at the start of the rental.
  • Is the motorbike insured?
    Unfortunately, motorbike insurance does not work like it does in other countries. In the case of an accident, we can go to the official service center of Yamaha or Honda, depending on your bike, and pay for the damage directly to the cashier at official prices.
  • Do you provide theft or complete loss insurance?
    No, we do not. If you lose the motorbike, you are 100% responsible for replacement.
  • Do you pick up or deliver motorbikes?
    Yes we do, to any location in Mui Ne.

  • What should I do if I have a flat tire?
    You most likely will not. But if you do, stop immediately and go to the nearest repair shop to have it fixed. The fix should only cost about 30 VND. If you need directions, please phone us.
  • Do I need to be aware of any specific traffic regulations in Mui Ne?
    Nope. A motorbike is allowed and held to the same laws as a car or motorcycle in your country.
  • What should i do if a motorcycle is broken?
    Please contact us immediately and we will quickly fix the problem.
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