How to Obtain a Vietnamese Motorcycle Driver's License

Drivers seeking a new driving license in Vietnam must pass both a written and practical driving exam.
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The driver must first complete theoretical instruction (costing roughly 400,000 VND) before taking the exam. Once admitted, the aspiring driver will take a theoretical exam (auto 450 questions, motorbike 150). The bad news is that the training and test are only available in Vietnamese. The good news is that this is avoidable.
If you have legalized your driving license in Vietnam, as indicated in the first section, and wish to get A, you are excused from giving up the theoretical component.
If you do not have a driver's license, you must pass the exam based on theory.
The following documents must be prepared:
a. 6 color photographs [3X4]
b. Notarized passport copy
c. Previously legalized category B rights in Vietnam
d. Your passport
e. VISA or residency card valid for at least three months

You must go to the Transport Department with these documents. There, you will be given a form to fill out in Vietnamese.

In addition, the candidate must pass a short medical check as well as an eye test. Following a physical inspection, you will be offered a driving schedule and asked to select a time that works best for you. After you have paid all of the required payments, you will be sent a receipt that will act as your exam admission.

At this point, the originals of your papers will be returned to you. Return to the Department of Transportation on the exam day, bringing your passport, Vietnamese driver's license, and residence card, if you have one.
The exam lasts around 15 minutes. You will be given a motorbike to utilize throughout the exam.
After 10 working days, you will receive your exam results by SMS (in Vietnamese).

The card is sent within 5 business days. On the given day, you will be required to come and acquire your new driver's license.
According to my driving license experience, the attitude toward foreigners is pretty loyal. You are issued a driver's license with no expiration date.

- Driver license issuance fee: 135,000 VND
- Exam cost: 90,000 VND
- Medical Commission: 160,000 VND.
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