Popular Motorbikes for Rent in Mui Ne. Part 1

Today we'll speak about the Yamaha Nouvo 3, which is possibly the most popular fully automated motorcycle among foreigners in Mui Ne.
Motorbike Rental Mui Ne
Yamaha Nouvo 3 is frequently purchased by winter visitors to Mui Ne before becoming the possession of subsequent tourists or standing on the streets of Mui Ne with a «For Rent» sign.

Unfortunately, both winterers and Vietnamese lessors are hesitant to spend in bike upkeep.

From 2007 to 2009, this motorcycle was manufactured in the Vietnamese Yamaha facility. If you acquire an earlier-released Yamaha Nouvo 3, keep in mind that it is the second model with plastic from the third.

Weaknesses of this bike:
  • Transmission. A whistle at 40 km/h is the first indicator of a bad drivetrain.
  • A worn out carburetor is the most common cause of a poor start in the morning. Genuine carburetors are too pricey. A new original carburetor may cost more than a motorcycle. Most of the time, the cheapest Chinese carburetors, maybe from a different model, are found inside the motorbike.
  • Engine - Due to age and a lack of care from past owners, the compression of this model's engines is rarely greater than 7 atmospheres. This results in a severe loss of power and dependability; the motorcycle may not pull you up the hill or may just refuse to perform.
  • Most motorbikes of this kind in Mui Ne appear to be aliens from a gloomy post-apocalyptic universe. Reasons are listed above.
Strengths of this bike:
  • Price. The price is around $150, yet getting this motorcycle is like winning the lotto. This benefit will most likely be offset by the expense and effort required to fix it.
What about us?
Motorbike rental Mui Ne couldn't disregard the most popular type of motorbike rental. Every one of our motorcycles of this kind has required a significant amount of effort and money from us. But today we can state that we have the greatest examples of this cheap motorbike for hire in Mui Ne.

Motorbike Rental Mui Ne
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