Why does your bike not belong to you?

So you've decided to visit Vietnam and stay for an extended period of time. One fine day, you will realize that purchasing a motorcycle is far more cost effective than renting one. In that situation, the first websites you should visit to compare bike prices are:
Scooter Rental Mui Ne

Unfortunately, neither of the latter two have an English version. Nonetheless, even on the Vietnamese version of the site, searching for the brand names of the motorcycles you want is not difficult. You can also contact the vendor using any of these websites. Alternatively, if you have already decided on the price you are willing to spend, you can purchase the bike of your choice at a place near you.
Following your purchase, you will be given a blue card bearing the name of the motorcycle's owner.
However, it will be the name of a Vietnamese citizen.

What are the risks

In this case, what risks do you face? And what are the hazards you face?
For one thing - and take our word for it - proving ownership of the bike you purchased will be exceedingly tough. For example, when you:

- have misplaced your parking ticket in a secured parking lot;
- have observed your motorcycle being stolen or confiscated by the police;
- have misplaced your blue card.
Furthermore, anyone with forged documentation can purchase a stolen or illegally imported motorcycle.
We've never heard of the motorbike owner on the card claiming his property rights after the transaction, but it's not impossible.

What to do?

A completely legal motorcycle is one that has a blue card, a corresponding VIN and a chassis number, and an entry in the police database under your name.

How do you register a new motorcycle in your name?
The first step is to obtain and validate the quality certificate (Phiếu Kiểm Tra Chất Lượng Xuất Xưởng).
This certificate contains all of the necessary information about the bicycle.
If you buy a new motorbike from a motor salon, you need to receive a red invoice. This is required, but many foreigners do not request it for one simple reason.
Many local resellers may tell you that it is difficult to register a motorcycle in your name, but this is incorrect. Furthermore, it is the fault of a motor show to not provide you with an invoice, and even if you do not intend to register the bike under your own name, having an invoice helps you address issues and confirms at any time that you have lawfully purchased the bike.
When you are not buying a new motorbike, you need to sign a notarized motorbike sale contract and have an agreement with the previous owner, instead of getting a red invoice.
Make sure you have a notarized copy of the prior owner's blue card!
A motorcycle insurance policy is also required and must be secured.
1. First, you must go to the local tax officials and pay around 5% of the cost of a motorcycle.
2. Then you must go to the local traffic police station. Before you travel, make sure you have all of the above-mentioned documentation, as well as your personal documents, on the motorcycle:
A passport that is valid for at least one more year,
a valid residency card for at least one year,
a permit to work.
In rare situations, they may need a letter from your employer or the company where you work confirming that you are indeed employed by them.
According to the laws No. 36/2010 / TT-BCA regulating vehicle registration, you do not need a driver's license to register a motorcycle as your property. Don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise!
This registration procedure takes around one month.
Following registration, you will be given a registration number beginning with the letters "NN," which stands for "Nuoc 'Ngoai'" (foreigner).

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